Tuesday, 27 October 2015

super 70s

top - Debenhams, dress - Debenhams, coat - Debenhams, boots - New Look

The 70s trend is by far one of my favourites and I'm so glad it's stuck around for the duration of 2015, it's love. I'm obsessed with anything rust, suede and fringed so the 70s trend makes me super happy. I love this faux-suede dress from Debenhams, it's so soft and easy to wear. The polo neck is also from Debenhams and it's a must-have piece for AW15. They're so comfy and versatile and can be worn alone and under tunics and dresses to make them wintery and super cosy. They do this particular polo neck in a variety of colours: black, burgundy, rust... the list goes on. Chunky over-knee boots are back with a bang after their huge success last Winter. I picked up these babies from New Look, they're super comfy but kind of baggy round my legs when I'm wearing them with bare legs or tights. I'm still figuring out some sort of trick I can pull to keep them up! If anyone has any, let me know :) Finally, my favourite coat/jacket of this year is this gorgeous checked coat with a huge fur collar from...yes you guessed it, Debenhams (can you tell where I work yet?). It's super comfy and cosy and oh so 70s it's dreamy. Be warned to those who like fastening coats that this doesn't have any buttons but for me it's perfect, I hate zipping up my jackets - it makes me feel so claustrophobic!! 

Are you glad the 70s trend seems to be sticking around?


Monday, 5 October 2015

bye bye macadam

dress - Topshop (similar here), boots - ASOS, headband - ASOS 

I could not for the life of me think what to call this post as the featured outfit is super simple so I decided to go for the classic song/lyrics as a blog post. I don't usually like house/dance music but I'm so sold by this song by French DJ Rone at the minute and the video on YouTube is sooooo cool, you can check it out here

Anyway, back to the post. I got this jumper dress in the Topshop sale, it must've been lurking around in my local Topshop a while coz I can't find it online at all but I've found a similar one on Very for you lovelies to see. It's navy and cream and oh so comfy to wear, the material is ribbed (classic Topshop) and not too thick - perfect for the transitional weather at the minute. Stripes are my go-to and most definitely my thing; I wear them all the time as they're just so darn cute! These boots from ASOS are sooooo dreamy, black suede with fringing on the sides and they've literally just gone into the sale today for anyone that wants them. They're not the comfiest of heeled boots but they're so worth the occasional foot pain simply for the pleasure the fringing gives me when I walk - amazing. 

What's your go-to?


Monday, 28 September 2015

paisley scarf, docs & obsessive buying

I feel like I've had such a busy week! I was in Abergavenny last weekend to visit my friend Charlie as she was home from Germany for the weekend and we went to the Food Festival there with her family and we had such a lovely time. I ate my body weight in food and enjoyed myself SO much, if you've never been to a food festival before I highly recommend going, so many different things to see, try and buy!

I was then struck down with ANOTHER cough but this time a cold came with it and I've been feeling under the weather since with a very husky voice which doesn't seem to be going away! :(

dress - ASOS, scarf - ASOS, boots - Dr Martens

I don't know about you but when I find a piece of clothing that I absolutely adore, I tend to buy it in every style/colour I can! I bought this style dress from ASOS in a denim rust colour with brass buttons about a month ago and am obsessed with it. So when I spotted the exact same dress in grey cord, I couldn't resist. It's so easy to wear and warm enough to wear without a jacket in the current UK weather. The material is super soft and as a big cord lover anyway, I was sold with this dress pretty quickly. I teamed it with my Docs for comfort and simplicity and a fringed paisley scarf from ASOS to jazz it up a bit and give it some colour. Fringed scarves are a must-have accessory for Autumn as they're so easy to jazz up any outfit without making any effort! This one is currently in the sale for £3.50 so it's a total steal.

Are you like me and buy items you love in every style available?


Sunday, 20 September 2015

boots of dreams & long awaited update

Sooooooo hello again!

I'm not going to ramble on as to why this is my first blog post in 5 months but I do owe a short explanation: I've had a lot going on the past 6 months at home so I decided to take a small hiatus on my blog, it was only supposed to be for 2 months but 2 months turned into 3 and then 3 turned into 4 and here we are, 5 whole months later!

However, I've come to realise that writing this blog is a hobby for me and something I'm really passionate about so I shouldn't just drop it so easily despite other things going on.

A lot has happened in the past few months too, I graduated with a 2:1 in German from University and have started working part time in a department store as a Personal Shopper whilst I stay at home with my family for the time being whilst figuring out what to do with my life (being a grown up is scary!!)

I'm going to try and get back into regular posting and thought there was nothing better to post about in my first blog post in 5 months than the boots of dreams!

Skirt - ASOS, Top - Miss Selfridge, Boots - ASOS

Animal prints are HUGE this AW and I am just so in love with anything snake print at the minute! I adore these 60s style ankle boots from ASOS in this gorgeous snake print, hence the name boots of dreams (insert heart eyes emoji here). They're super comfy and surprisingly easy to pair with things - they're a match made in heaven with anything rust (total dream for me!). This skirt is THE infamous denim skirt from ASOS which they've now done in about 7-8 different colours. It's so comfy, flattering and just hits the 70s trend on the head perfectly. Lace up tops are still everywhere and I love this one from Miss Selfridge, it's a tee shirt style which makes it a lot more casual and gives it more of a relaxed feel which is exactly what I've been looking for in a lace up top as I don't always want to have to wear a blouse or bodysuit style as I find them too dressy sometimes. I'd definitely recommend it as it's so easy to wear with anything and only £16!

What are your views on animal print shoes?


Tuesday, 14 April 2015

suede skirt

skirt - ASOS, top - Urban Outfitters (similar here), boots - ASOS (similar here)

I'm so obsessed with the 70s trends at the minute, I cannot get enough of suede, flared sleeves and lots of denim! This faux suede skirt is from Glamorous via ASOS and is a super cool alternative to real suede and much cheaper. It combines 2 70s trends in one with the suede-look and button through design. It's an A-line shape which is my personal favourite for a skirt! Would highly recommend this if you're looking for a faux suede skirt! I teamed it with a blue and cream striped crop top and my trusty pointed ankle boots from ASOS, which I've worn to death over the past 6 months!

I'm finding myself searching the internet way too much for button through skirts at the minute as they seem to come majority in A-line shapes which is my favourite and with the button detailing, it's like a match made in heaven for me!

Are they any trends you can't get enough of at the minute?


Friday, 3 April 2015

What I'm Loving: April

From denim to 70s style suede skirts, I am loving the trends this season. I've picked out a few of my favourite pieces at the minute which I've bought personally to share with you.

1. This gorgeous faux suede skirt is by Glamorous via ASOS. I think it's a perfect alternative for a real suede skirt as it's much cheaper at £26. The material is soft and cosy and the button through design makes it an ultimate 70s piece.

2. I picked up this long sleeved funnel neck top from Topshop a few weeks ago. Stripes are one of my favourite designs, I find them so classic and easy to wear. This top is slightly ribbed and perfect for every day wear.

3. This dress is a petite exclusive to Topshop for those shorter ladies like myself! It's got a small slit design at the hem and I think it's such a cute piece to wear casually with a denim jacket and sliders.

4. I'm loving gypsy style crop top's at the minute and I feel like my 90s wardrobe is coming back! This one is from ASOS and sits above the waist and has a cute off shoulder look. You can pick these up everywhere at the minute!

5. Finally, button through denim skirts are everywhere at the minute. Made famous by Alexa Chung, they're a 90s revival which everyone seems to be loving. This mid-wash blue one is from ASOS and has been seen on several of the ASOS personal stylists! I love the mid-wash colour of this one, it makes it even more 90s, which I love!

What have you been loving at the minute and do you like the 70s SS15 trends?


Tuesday, 27 January 2015

they are the hunters, we are the foxes

jeans - Pepe Jeans via ASOS (similar here), cape - ASOS, top - Forever 21 (similar here), boots - Topshop

Ever since Burberry showcased their gorgeous capes at the major Fashion Weeks in 2014, the high street began stocking a wide array of capes which have dominated Autumn/Winter style. I picked up this gorgeous cape from ASOS back in October and keep forgetting to blog about it! The colours are super autumnal with burgundy, orange and cream running through it in a block style. Orange is never normally a colour I'd wear, however when it's subtle like this and teamed with burgundy, one of my favourite colours to wear, I love it.

As the cape itself is quite bold with the variety of colours, I usually just team it with a plain coloured tee, such as the one I'm wearing here. I picked up these Pepe Jeans jeans from ASOS during the sale, they were such a steal at £19.50 instead of £65. They're super comfy and are just a simple, staple wardrobe essential. The boots are a pair of classic brown Chelsea boots from Topshop and have a really nice distressed vintage look, which I adore when paired with a pair of dark skinny jeans. 

I really want to expand my cape collection at the minute as I find them so versatile and perfect for this time of year. They can dress up an outfit or simply just keep you warm on cold Winter days.

What do you think of capes?

P.S. I'm aware the title of this blog post has no relevance, it's simply because I'm LOVING I Know Places by Taylor Swift currently - definitely my favourite song at the minute!